Kathryn D Photography | INFORMATION


As a photographer, I am an ARTIST. I use my artistic eye to choose the very BEST photos to retouch and edit. I have my own style of retouching, and I will talk to you about the extent to which you want me to retouch, so we are on the same page. **Editing or manipulating the photos I present to you is frowned upon and illegal. 
I use Adobe programs for my editing needs.



You will receive ALL RETOUCHED/EDITED photos in FULL jpeg form on Pixieset.com, with passwords to your album. Photos are kept private from the public, though you may share your album and password with whomever you wish. **You will not receive EVERY photo shot, and RAW, untouched photos will not be given out for any reason. 
All photos will be available for download for one full year from date presented to you.



When you receive your online album, if there are any photos, up to 10, that you want re-retouched, let me know within your one full year, and I will be glad to retouch them at no cost. This may include color correcting, cropping, skin retouch, etc.
Please allow UP TO 1 month for re-retouching.



I only received 20 photos from my child's session. Where are the rest? I know you shot more.

     During one shoot, I may shoot up to 200+ photos. This does not mean all of those 200 photos are print worthy. Using my artistic eye, experience and judgment, I choose the BEST photos to present to you. I do not guarantee a certain amount of photos, but can promise you are getting the best photos. 


How long will it take to get my pictures back?

     You will receive your photos within 2 weeks after your shoot, and within 4 weeks for a wedding. Being a photographer is not my full time job, it is currently a part time job. If something comes up where I am not able to present your photos in a timely manner, I will promptly contact you, and will continue to keep in touch until your photos are ready. If you need your photos for an invitation, Christmas or Holiday card, or for any other time sensitive reason, please let me know, and I can guarantee you will have those photos when you need them.